Watching Point 58

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58 — WATCH lest you become so disturbed by the few rabbits which escape, that you cease entirely the ploughing process to go after them. This temptation comes first because the world judges you by the obvious errors you overcome, rather than by the daily effort you make to meet the claim of mortal belief. Second, active error concerns us far more than latent error. Weeds that are growing concern us more than weed seeds which we cannot see or even detect.

But we must not accept the judgment of the world in regard to ourselves, and gauge our success or failure wholly by externals. The work in Christian Science that is the most important is that which is done to destroy the root of error; visible error, or effect, should be thought of largely as that which calls attention to the work that needs to be done on the root. Work on the pack, while it is necessary, if it does not include work on the root, does not lead to complete freedom from error, any more than to cut off the tops of weeds leads to freedom from weeds.

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