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57 — WATCH lest, as you endeavor to plough under the rabbits to smother them, — the rabbits symbolizing the underlying belief in a mind apart from God which gnaws at the roots of truth, — you neglect to watch out and destroy the few that escape; otherwise these few may breed again unmolested, and you will have your work to do over.

This watching point is drawn from the practice in Australia of combatting the plague of rabbits by ploughing them under while they are in their holes. As this is done, a few escape. These must be caught and killed, in order to have the work done effectually.

The rabbits in their burrows might symbolize elementary latent error, while those that escape, visible error and audible sin. These may also be called the root and the pack, the latter referring to animals that run together committing depredations. The root stands for that which claims to hold man in bondage through the fundamental belief in the necessity for matter — food, sleep, air, exercise, etc. The pack stands for that which makes him sin and suffer. In our work against the impersonal and fundamental claim of error, we must not neglect specific manifestations.

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