Watching Point 56

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56 — WATCH lest you forget that all mortal laws are interwoven, one hypothecated upon and emanating from another. That is why Mrs. Eddy once said, “One error rides in on another.” Yielding to a simple human demand may open the door to a destructive and discordant phase of mortal mind.

If you should purchase a lion cub because it was likeable and cute, you would be acquiring an inevitable and dangerous ferocity. Paul, in warming himself at the fire without a mental protest against the belief of life, truth, intelligence and substance in matter, unloosed a viper. When we fail to protect ourselves from the belief in material law because it soothes the senses, we come under its penalty which in turn afflicts the senses. Our textbook declares that pleasure always ends in pain. This is typified in Revelation by the scorpions which had stings in their tails.

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