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54 — WATCH lest, when in your treatment you have covered the entire ground with Truth’s sharp, incisive declarations of Science, and put into operation omnipotent Mind which you reflect — having done all your scientific education, training and intuition has taught you — you fail to stand against a temptation to reopen the case, because of a suggestion that more work is needed. So you start all over again. That which brings forth results is your firm conviction and expectancy that since your thought is scientific, the divine power, which scientific thought puts into operation, cannot fail, cannot return void, but does accomplish that for which it is intended, since it is omnipotent and to it all things are possible.

This watching point is intended to cover the Sabbath day of rest, which must come after one has taken the six steps of demonstration necessary to lead up to it. By this process one builds up faith in his ability to reflect divine power, as well as faith in what that divine power can accomplish.

In Numbers 15:35 the Lord told Moses to have his followers stone to death the man who gathered sticks on the Sabbath day. Sticks represent the elements of a fire, and fire represents fear. The Sabbath day is the point at which one’s work should cease. He should be resting and letting God do the work. If at that point he permits the elements of fear as to the outcome of his demonstration to gather in his thought, his sense of demonstration and faith in God loses its vitality and expectancy. Thus being stoned to death represents the dead sense that always follows when we permit fear and doubt to gather on the Sabbath day. To keep the Sabbath day holy, therefore, is a necessary part of all demonstration. At baking time a cook must trust the fire to bake her cake. If she lets a doubt enter her thought, she may open the oven door to see what is going on; her cake may fall and be a failure as a result.

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