Watching Point 53

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53 — WATCH lest you strain at a gnat and swallow a camel (Matt. 23:24), or try to eliminate the little unpleasant phases of mortal existence, while you swallow, or accept, mortality as a whole, because of the side it presents that seems good. To believe in good apart from God is as much a belief in mortality, or a mind apart from God, as to believe in evil. The belief that mortal existence has a good side breeds the belief that it has a bad side, just as a camel’s stall might breed gnats. You will have gnats, therefore, as long as you keep a camel. How useless to strain to kill the gnats, and swallow, or retain, the camel, because the gnats will breed faster than you can kill them.

The rule in Science is to seek the destruction of error and falsity because God does not like it, and not because we do not like it, since all materiality is offensive to Him; whereas, when we start in our work in Science, we dislike only parts of it.

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