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52 — WATCH lest you be disturbed by the criticism from outside, either that Christian Science has added to the evil in the world, by its teaching in regard to animal magnetism, or that it takes it too lightly when calling it nothing, thus permitting it to flourish.

Christian Science takes evil out of effect and puts it into cause, where it can be handled successfully; out of matter, or material causation, into the mental realm where divine Mind can dispose of it. The adherents of matter complain that this makes too little of evil and ignores self-evident wrongs. The advocates of the human mind object to this, declaring that it sets up a new devil, and makes witchcraft and mesmerism formidable.

The world’s attitude toward evil can be described as fearing the rattle, and ignoring the venom of the rattlesnake. Mrs. Eddy reversed this mistake, and endeavored to build up a fear of wrong thinking, on the basis that it cuts man off from God and produces sin, sickness and death. She taught that mortals need not fear the rattle, or effect, but should be grateful for it as a warning of the presence of evil, so that one may wake up from its delusion promptly. To Mrs. Eddy the venom of the snake, which she called mental inoculation, was the important issue, since it involved the control of mortals by mesmerism. She saw that they must have sufficient fear of it to handle it, and thus awaken from it.

What a subject does under the spell of hypnotism is not the fundamental error. His primary mistake is that he yields himself to the operator. In Christian Science the essential sin is wrong thinking, or yielding to the domination of the belief in a mind apart from God. It is using the wrong mind to start with. Primarily sin is, therefore, not doing wrong; it is yielding to the error which makes one do wrong. It is true that Mrs. Eddy uses the term sin in two ways, to denote error in cause and in effect. In reading her writings this fact must be held in mind.

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