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Watching Point 5

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5 — WATCH lest you set your affections on the peephole, rather than on the sunlight that is pouring through it. If one reflects lovable qualities, or reflects the truth that heals, it is because, as Mrs. Eddy says, divine Mind is passing through him as light passes through a windowpane. If one feels attracted to the person, rather than to the divine Love being reflected, there is a danger of personalizing good, which inevitably results in personalizing evil. This limits good and gives temporary power to evil. Judas unquestionably personalized the good the Master reflected. Then when he betrayed him, the logical conclusion was that the evil was personal with him. So in order to destroy the evil, he had to kill himself. Had he impersonalized it, he would have killed the evil and released himself. Once a student declared, “To the degree to which we cease to own good, we cease to own evil.” This admonition applies and extends to our attitude towards others.

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