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45 — WATCH lest you believe you can be truly and continuously fed by the food brought to you from heaven by the demonstration of another. The only true progress and feeding comes through the spiritual food one demonstrates directly from God. As long as one depends on the demonstrations of others, rushing to every lecture, running to one’s teacher or practitioner for constant help, he is like the Children of Israel, still wandering in the wilderness, leaning and living on the demonstration of Moses. You may feel that the manna you receive in this way is bread from heaven, yet it is a rule of progress that your spiritual food cannot forever come to you through the efforts of others.

Unless you reach the point where you recognize your own ability to demonstrate manna, your bread will never become that true bread, which the Master stated comes down from heaven, and you may soon reach the point where the manna of others fails to meet your need. You cannot forever have your spiritual needs taken care of by the labor of others. The entire purpose of Christian Science is to foster and promote individual demonstration. Once Mrs. Eddy said to students in a class, “I have taken you up into the mount and shown you the promised land, but you will have to walk every step of the way there yourself.”

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