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43 — WATCH lest you believe that it is the denial of error that destroys it. To be sure, Mrs. Eddy tells us on page 339 of Science and Health that we conquer error by denying its verity. But to conquer it does not destroy it, any more than to conquer a burglar puts him in jail. But it does stop his further depredations, and restrains him until the police come and take him away.

Our denials of the verity of error conquer it, but only our affirmations that let in the power of Truth destroy it. It is necessary to repeat that our denials do not heal or destroy error; but they put it under foot and make way for the healing efficacy of truth. Denying darkness does not let in the light; but it takes away one’s fear of it and bondage to it, thus opening the way for the light to come in.

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