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41 — WATCH lest you believe that in certain directions Christian Science does not condemn what the world calls sin, because it encourages that dissatisfaction with mortal existence which often leads mortals to sin. Jesus said, “I am come not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Evidently he felt that the consciousness in which the seeds of sin had developed and borne the fruit of suffering, was more receptive to truth than the one that contained in embryo seeds — as every mortal consciousness does — where because they had not ripened into action, mortal man believed that he was more or less free from sin, and hence righteous. No one seeks truth until he feels that he needs it. One cannot declare that he is righteous until he has cleansed his thought of all materiality. The self-satisfied, or self-righteous, mentality is not open to the approach of Christ, Truth.

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