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391 — WATCH that you hold a clear sense of what it means in Science to protect your work. Cats are always attracted to catnip, unless it is so covered up that they miss the odor. Your demonstration will attract patients automatically, if you meet the belief of interference and obstruction. Scientific demonstration is its own attraction.

Mrs. Eddy once declared, “Mortal mind, or animal magnetism, cannot make a law that will close the avenues of Love to me. It cannot make a law that I cannot heal; that I will have no patients, and no success in God’s work.” She also said, “You are entitled to the best patients you can get.”

A right demonstration of protection will release the attraction of one’s work from the action of reversal — so that it will be seen and felt.

If at times we have no patients or success, we must recognize this as an argument of error to be handled. It is the enemy claiming to cover up our catnip. Jesus’ promise is that, if we are lifted up from the earth — from a material sense of life and man — our work will be so recognized that it will draw all men unto us. Error claims to interfere with the action of this law, however, until we handle it. We must know that nothing can interfere with our right and ability to heal the sick, or the right and privilege of the patient to receive that benefit; that nothing can come between God and man, or between man and his right and ability to extend God’s blessing to all, and to bring them a healing thought.

When we recognize that God loves us, we know that all good is flowing to us and from us. If this good seems to be intercepted, God has not ceased to love us or to send us His love. Error plots to make us believe that we are robbed of good. Everything we need to round out the fulness of life is now ours, flowing to us and out from us through the avenues of Love; but we must watch that no subtle argument cause us to believe that these avenues are closed.

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