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390 — WATCH that you realize in your work of healing the sick, that the absolute Truth is what does the healing. Mrs. Eddy once said, “Meet every false claim with the absolute Truth: nothing short of that will answer.” Also she said, “Strive to work from God, instead of up to God.”

If you work from the standpoint that you are absent or separated from God, and must work up to Him, how can you ever do this, since if you are absent from Him, how can you ever make the demonstration to be present with Him? The absolute Truth declares that you are now in the presence of God, united to him and reflecting His power.

The only basis of successful demonstration is that now is the accepted time; now is the day of salvation. We are already in the presence of God, and victory is already established. Mrs. Eddy said to Irving Tomlinson, “I have always known that victory is as certain now as it will be a century hence.”

We do not try to work up to perfection or health. We do not use understanding to heal the sick. We use understanding to know that there is nothing to heal, since the kingdom of God is here and now — and in man. Once Mrs. Eddy asked a student how he would meet a certain condition of disease. He replied that he would try to realize some particular statement of Truth which he quoted. She said, as a shadow of disappointment passed over her face, “I hoped you would not need to realize your way into Truth, but would start there.”

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