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388 — WATCH that you do not lose sight of the need for continuous progress. Mrs. Eddy once said, “A belief of personal sense that is governed by the Truth is a harmonious belief. A harmonious belief governed by Truth is spiritual sense — understanding.”

This statement gives us the authority for a demonstration to bring out harmony in belief, providing we do not stop there. We must hold in mind the acme of Science, namely, the attainment of spiritual sense, or understanding, through the elimination of the belief in matter, even though this belief has been made harmonious through the action of Truth.

Mrs. Eddy once described Jesus’ progress as follows: “Jesus, in the silent tomb, spiritualized his personal corporeal body to the extent of presenting it sound; then he ascended, laid off his corporeality. All his mechanism was preserved and restored until the ascension. He ate with his disciples, showing that he could digest his food with his natural functions. I always preserve the above harmonious being in my thought, just as Jesus did.”

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