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385 — WATCH lest you look askance at certain statements attributed to Mrs. Eddy because they offend you, sound unscientific to your ears, or seem incomprehensible. For instance, it is said that she declared, “Sex is a lack of mental confidence.” What could that mean?

If a bird had one wing bound, so that it never knew that it had but one, what confidence would it have in its ability to escape its enemies? Unbind the wing, and it would have no fear of the approach of man or beast, since at once it could soar into the freedom of the sky.

Sex means that mortals believe that they are one-winged birds, either men or women. It is this claim of incompleteness that breeds fear. If God is in reality both Father and Mother, His children must reflect His dual nature. In this demonstration sex is eliminated, and man becomes incapable of fear. As a two-winged bird he ranges the realm of infinite Mind without limitation, and with perfect confidence.

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