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381 — WATCH that you pray to understand and interpret our Leader aright in all her ways, and to realize that she was always a metaphysician and a Christian Scientist. It is known that she was very fond of lovely flowers and had an abundance of them on her grounds. Yet she wrote to her gardener on May 17, 1909: “I hereby tell you that no garden or flowers shall be cultivated on my place. Make no road for one to see such things on this place; the road to Heaven is not one of flowers, but it is straight and narrow, it is bearing the cross and turning away from things that lure the material senses, denying them and finding all in Spirit, in God, in good and doing good.”

Once she wrote to James Neal, “I want … sharp, honest business men in the several offices of the church.” Do you believe from this that she descended to the level of having respect for the human mind in its developed acumen? Was she not rather naming the result of demonstration, just as she stated in the same letter that for a superintendent of her grounds and home she wanted a man in good health? In asking for ‚a sharp honest business man,” or one “in good health,” would a metaphysician mean any but one who had these qualities as the result of his demonstration of Christian Science?

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