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379 — WATCH, when you feel weary contemplating error and depressed over your own lack of progress, lest you attempt to bolster up your morale by declaring that perhaps you are better than you realized, when you regard the sins of others. The whole situation is animal magnetism, and the only remedy is to realize the spiritual perfection of your true self, and to impersonalize material sense by knowing that it is never man.

The effort to bolster up one’s depression over self by winning the approval of others, was once rebuked by Mrs. Eddy in the following manner: “Now, dear one, watch that worldliness and the natural mortal love of human applause, or any possible pride or vanity creep not into your thought, for these are among the thieves that would steal into the good man’s house and spoil his goods — take away the riches of purer and higher thoughts — which weigh in God’s scale, helping you to heal the sick and reform the sinner. To this end pray to divine Love daily; for if the good man watch, his house will not be broken open.”

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