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378 — WATCH that you realize that from God’s standpoint it requires no more power to heal a million patients, than it does one. If tenpins are set up one in back of another, to knock over one would be to knock over all. In our work in Science there is no limit to the good we do, or to the number of needy ones that we reach. Let us feel, when we treat a patient, that he is a tenpin, with all sick mortals back of him. In knocking over his error, we are knocking over error for all. Mrs. Eddy once said, “Our treatments must be universal as well as individual.” Christian Science treatment should be thought of as broadcasting, rather than concentrated and limited arguments going from one person to another person. The one patient will receive the help, when we help him to be expectant enough to tune into the treatment, but any number of others could do the same, if they had the same expectancy.

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