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377 — WATCH that you hold a right concept of what it means to be a Christian Science nurse. He or she should be one who can bring to a patient a bright expectant thought of good, and its immediate effect in healing the sick. Hence no nurse should be expected to stay on duty day and night, nor to continue on a case too long, since it becomes difficult to hold one’s bright and expectant faith, if one is forced to be in contact with the evidence of the error, and the despair of the patient for too long periods.

A Science nurse should not be one who sits in the room all day reading Science and Health. He or she should not be afraid to be compassionate and human, caring for the simple needs and demands of the patient. They should be able to prepare food in attractive and appetizing ways, since so often one of the problems with a patient is eating. It is often necessary to tempt the patient with a small quantity of attractive food several times a day.

Mrs. Eddy was highly indignant with Science nurses who were clumsy and inefficient in the sick room, — according to Adelaide Still, who was her maid. Sometimes she would remark concerning such a one, “She is good for nothing except to be a practitioner,” implying that the one in question knew how to bring the arguments of Science to a patient, but had never made the demonstration to apply his or her understanding to the simple human needs.

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