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376 — WATCH that you appreciate what the statement means, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Once a Scientist whose husband was not interested, had to let him be taken to a hospital in Boston because he had diabetes. Gangrene had set in, so the doctors decided to amputate his foot; but he rose up in rebellion, and said he would be d— if any doctor was going to cut him up! They had to let him come home and he had no further medical treatment; yet he completely recovered from this supposedly fatal illness. Even the decay in his flesh was healed. His wife declares that she gave him no treatment in Science, beyond the effort to keep her own thought poised in the Truth.

The Bible does not say, “Be a Christian Scientist and resist the devil.” It merely says, “Resist the devil…” Without a knowledge of Science this man resisted the devil, whereas most of us require understanding in order to be able to do so. The important point is that resistance, even when not based on Science, often causes the devil to flee from us. While it is not possible to gauge to what degree this man was benefited by his wife’s thought, the helpful point about his experience is, that it should cause us to feel that, if he could resist such a fearsome condition without a knowledge of Science, how much more should we be able to resist evil, knowing as we do the allness of God and the nothingness of error! If he could resist diabetes largely with the human will so that it fled away, why should we fear such a seemingly fatal physical condition, when we know how to resist from a scientific standpoint?

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