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372 — WATCH lest you fancy that you can help your patient by convincing him of the Truth, when you have not yet convinced yourself of it. Can you cause him to believe that he is not sick, while you still believe that he is, even though you argue to the contrary? In Watching Point 368 Mrs. Eddy instructs Scientists to make error unreal to themselves, that they may make it unreal to others.

We should feel that we argue against the reality of error in order to convince ourselves, rather than our sick patient. Mrs. Eddy once issued the warning, “There is danger of making a reality of our patients’ beliefs by overanxiety in arguing against them.” When we convince ourselves that there is not and never has been any reality in any deterrent to the positive action of divine Mind, do we not convince our patient at the same time, provided he is receptive?

We argue, not against evil, but to convince ourselves that there is no evil, since God is All. We argue, not against animal magnetism, but to establish in our thought the fact that no such thing exists.

It is a foolish notion to conclude that you can help your patient spiritually, while you consider yourself to be on the same level with him. You must rise to the consciousness of the allness of God, and from that height you can see error’s nothingness, since it cannot stand being looked down upon. Then you can lift your patient to your level.

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