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371 — WATCH that in your work for individuals and the world, you handle the belief of chemicalization. War may result when students work for the world and pour in a sweet consciousness of God’s presence and government, and then fail to handle chemicalization. We must declare and know that the Truth which we reflect goes forth to bless, and not in reality to destroy error, since there is none to destroy, other than in belief. The Truth we send out goes forth to feed mankind spiritually, not to harm them. All mankind are ideas of God, and so they receive this Truth and love it, and in reality have no mortal thought to be stirred or upset by it. We must know that no one possesses a mortal mind that can oppose Truth, and that mortal mind does not possess anyone.

It is certain that our mental work does feed the world spiritually; that those to whom we send it are blessed thereby; that they develop and grow under it; that they love it naturally; and that it brings peace on earth and goodwill to men. However, we must declare that the action of Truth does not aggravate error to anyone’s harm, since in reality there is no error to be aggravated; that its action makes man happy and free; that it heals him and purifies him. Under this kind of general treatment the world is safe, and the work of Christian Scientists does not produce chemicalization that may appear as war.

Mrs. Eddy once said to Gilbert Carpenter: ‚Our work does good. We have not the ability or power to do harm. There is no law that can give anyone the power to do harm. God’s law is the only law and that does good, not harm, and can give man only the power to do good, not defeat, but victory.” She also said, “Every true and noble thought helps raise humanity and lets the light in.”

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