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370 — WATCH in dealing with patients and with yourself, that you remember Mrs. Eddy’s definition of sin. Once a student tied himself up in the dilemma of believing that he was being punished for sin, because he was sick, — since this is what Science and Health declares. This tied him up, because he looked himself over and could find no sin.

According to Mrs. Eddy, yielding to the mesmerism of mortal belief in any form is sin. On page 428 of the textbook we read, “It is sin to believe that aught can overpower omnipotent and eternal Life …” In the 16th edition it reads, “I account it sinful and idolatrous to have more faith in drugs, diet, air, exercise, cleanliness, than in God, Truth and Love, to keep the body harmonious, and make man undying.”

Mrs. Eddy once wrote, “What is a good dinner or a good meal? Good devil. What is a good night’s sleep? Good evil. What is a nice new dress? Good evil. What is a sense of health in matter? Good evil. Which is nearer God, a human sense of health or of sickness?”

When flowers are cut, they soon fade. The belief that man has an existence apart from God is sin that leads first to sickness and then to death. It is a sin to believe in matter or mortal mind. It is a sin to believe in a finite origin for man, or to yield to A. M.

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