Watching Point 37

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37 — WATCH lest, in your efforts to see God’s perfect man, the contrast between the spiritual ideal and poor sinful mortals cause you to be, “overwhelmed by a sense of the odiousness of sin and the unveiling of sin in your own thoughts” (S. & H. 366:22), so that you believe mortal man to be more of a sinner than you ever did before, be tempted to drop your good work through sheer discouragement, and end by dubbing man hopeless, because of the sin that claims to be using him. Sin must be uncovered in preparation for its destruction. Our Leader tells us that the aggravation of error foretells its doom. Thus may we not believe that just when the mortal vestments which hide the real man look the darkest and blackest to us, they are most ready to part and release the Christ idea to our gaze?

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