Watching Point 369

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369 — WATCH that you bear in mind the three tests God in His infinite wisdom puts us all through, so that you may be able to pass them with honors. The first test is the need to learn to seek God for His own sake rather than for our own, so that we may praise Him by reflecting His Mind. In this way personal and inferior motives are put down.

The second test is the willingness to forget self and one’s own desires, in order to help others. This means to be willing to be in service twenty-four hours a day, with no vacation from God and His work.

The third test is the necessity to bleed sweet under affliction, to love more for every hate and persecution. The sugar maple bleeds sweet sap when you gash it. The genuine Scientist can be detected by this fact, namely, that he bleeds sweet, not sour, when afflicted.

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