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365 — WATCH that, when you have the task of instructing others in the workings of evil, you bear in mind that you have a definite form of aggressive mental suggestion or reversal to handle, which argues that those you are instructing have a distaste for the uncovering of evil, that it frightens them, that they become worse because of your explanations, and that it makes evil seem more real to them.

Man needs a thorough knowledge of the workings of evil for his protection. He needs to have its hidden ways exposed, so that he can translate all effects back into cause, and then see them all as nothing more than arguments of error. In doing this Mrs. Eddy’s words are helpful to remember, “When teaching music or mathematics we remove the ignorance on the subject. When healing a patient we are correcting the errors causing the disturbance, even as we solve a problem for a child, bringing out the right results … But mortal mind claims power to rise up and rebel against being corrected; but let the understanding prevail that it has no power so to do; then that ignorance which alone gave it power to rise in rebellion is removed. Ps. 92:7. Isa. 54 :17.”

Error puts forth many arguments, such as, that patients are worse under your treatment, that your efforts to make evil unreal make it more real, that it harms you, when you delve into the hidden workings of iniquity and expose these workings to others. These arguments must be recognized and refuted, just as you remove all sticky substances from the floor before you sandpaper it. Once Mrs. Eddy wrote for the mental workers in her home, “When a good point in health or progress is reached, it cannot be lost and the case made worse; but it does remain and no relapse can occur”

When error’s lying arguments are recognized and silenced, patients and pupils will rejoice to have evil’s workings exposed to them, since thereby fear is destroyed and one gains the victory over evil. When error is uncovered scientifically, it is reduced to nothing, and is twothirds destroyed, while the remaining third kills itself, as Mrs. Eddy promises.

Mrs. Eddy was aware of the effort of evil to argue adversely when it is uncovered, since once she wrote of such arguments as they assailed her and her students, as follows:

“It makes you worse every time she teaches you; it frightens you. You don’t want to hear her talk. You are afraid of it; it makes you worse.”

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