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363 — WATCH lest, when you see an error in some official in The Mother Church, you feel as though members should have been given the power to vote out of office the offending individual. Yet the organization does not provide its members with such voting power, because it is part of the divine plan that members be driven to demonstration to correct all wrongs.

A practitioner is such, because he knows he is the master of sickness and error; or rather, he is the custodian of the divine power that masters these lies. If he can use divine power to cast error out of a patient, he should feel the same divine mastery over errors that appear in the organization, and should seek to rule them out on the same basis, namely, the power of Truth to overcome and remove any obstacle. A single member of The Mother Church or a branch church should feel that he is able to cope with, and to remove any error he sees in the organization. This work must be done scientifically and impersonally, however, lest he hurt the oil and the wine. The personalization of error is like ice with dirt in it. Not until the ice is melted can the dirt be removed.

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