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362 — WATCH lest in your effort to demonstrate, you float off on the wings of reverie, or mental dreaminess. Mrs. Eddy once wrote, “Human reason or human imagination is as material as pain. Reasoning or reverie is as erroneous when treating the sick as a sensation of fever would be.” At another time she wrote, “Your reverie when treating the sick is a belief that comes of a vivid imagination, and I would handle it with the intellect, confine my self to sober, sound reason illumined by understanding, instead of imagination, and practice from a calm fixed sense of the nothingness of all error, and the conscious harmony of Spirit wherein are no outlines of mortal beliefs.”

Once Calvin Frye was driving Mrs. Eddy’s carriage, and working mentally for her at the same time. He became so oblivious of what he was doing and where he was, that he drove poorly. She rebuked him sharply for it. Her sense of demonstration was not reverie, or becoming oblivious of human surroundings in a dreamy sort of way, but being alert to the human need, and meeting it, even while communing with God.

Every demonstration must have a human counterpart. The human need must be outlined; otherwise the work lacks proof. We must tie the demonstration and expectancy together. Expectancy makes a mold by taking into consideration what the demonstration is expected to accomplish; then demonstration transforms the spiritual fact into material evidence.

Of what practical value would demonstration be, if it could give no proof to human sense of the everpresence of divine Love and its ability to meet every human need? Mortal existence is a dream; yet the way to awaken from the dream includes the proof in the dream of God’s presence and power — His willingness and ability to heal, protect and govern His children.

It is but fair to say that when Mr. Frye was driving Mrs. Eddy’s horses, had he kept humanly alert at his post, and at the same time failed to tune his thought to God he would likewise have had to be rebuked.

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