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361 — WATCH that you realize that all there is to any error is what it claims, just as all there is to any so-called medical law is the belief that goes along with it. Disease has no substantiality nor permanence; mortal belief merely claims these. A relapse does not mean a return of disease, since there was none in the first place. Relapse is handled by knowing that the patient was never sick; just as healing, or what is mistakenly called healing, is convincing the patient that he was never sick.

Mrs. Eddy once gave Calvin Frye the following memorandum, “Pray God to help you to awake to the claims of error, and awake to the truth that destroys them. Whenever error would try to make sin, sickness, disease or death seem real, good overrules it and it makes them more unreal to us. Good reverses every evil argument and effort and brings out the opposite good.”

Whenever sickness appears, it is not matter that is sick, but matter claiming to be sick. It is the phenomenon of the body claiming to have a voice and to be talking. The proof of this is, that when this seeming voice is silenced so that the body is unable to tell you that it is sick, it is not sick. If a man has eczema, what difference does it make whether his mouth or his skin tells you the lie? It is still the claim of an intelligence in matter talking. The disease is only the skin telling you that it is diseased; it is not disease. It is mortal mind, not the skin, talking; so it can be silenced by Truth.

If sickness is merely matter trying to tell you that it is sick, then when you approach a case, you know that you are not dealing with flesh and blood, but with a voice, as it were. Silence this voice of man with the voice of God. Rebuke the voice of falsity, put it under subjugation with the might of Spirit, and the work is done.

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