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358 — WATCH lest you attend your patient feeling that you are a Lilliputian along with him, and then fancy that you can heal him from that standpoint. Once a practitioner sent a patient forth to search for a job. When he failed to find one, she asked him if he went forth as the son of God? When he said, “No, he did not,‛ she sent him forth again. This time he was successful.

A practitioner must attend his patient as if he, the healer, was the son of God, or a Gulliver, representing such vast power that the problem of a Lilliputian is dwarfed into utter simplicity before it. In the story of Gulliver, he saved the entire fleet of the Lilliputians from an invading foe, with perfect ease.

Finally the practitioner must bring out the understanding that his patient is not a Lilliputian, but a Gulliver, like himself — a son of God, since in God’s sight there is no difference between one and another of His children.

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