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357 — WATCH that, like a swimmer diving under water, you continue to argue the reality of good only as long as you can hold your breath. In reality man is in the presence of good at all times, but in the effort to know this, one must remember Jesus’ warning, that we are pouring new wine into old bottles.

If one strives to hold a spiritual thought as one would carry a heavy weight, it is not surprising that he should come under the claim of mental fatigue at times. Under such circumstances he should hold to the good as long as he can do it without fatigue; then he should rest in the realization that that spiritual thought is holding him in perfect safety. So he should be willing to drop his conscious effort for the time being, without fear, and trust in God as a little child would.

The mental fatigue that claims to accompany an extended effort to hold to the true, is nothing more than an argument of limitation. Yet one should take it into consideration if necessary, lest he lose that spontaneity and freshness that his thought must have in order to have his mental work effective.

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