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356 — WATCH lest a sense of human harmony — which is a peace, peace, when there is no peace, since God is not its source — cause you to stop in your journey. Divine harmony — or the demonstration of the presence of God — is our goal. To stop short of that is to be deceived by error’s counterfeit.

Once Mrs. Eddy referred to a student who was tempted by animal selfishness to bask in a sense of harmony from which God was absent, as being like a dreamy hashish eater. Drug addicts are notoriously selfish, not caring how much unhappiness or suffering they cause others.

A student must learn that the craving of the animal nature for ease and harmony is a false argument of error. It is designed to cause one to forget that whatever freedom Science brings, must be used as a larger opportunity to bless others, and to share with them the benefits and blessings of Science.

“Use not liberty as an occasion to the flesh.” Only through unselfishness and feeding His sheep can we pass the danger of human harmony, and gain divine harmony. Once having tasted the active joy of the latter, we would never cling to the dreamy selfishness of the former.

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