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353 — WATCH that you bear in mind that error is no more than mist that forms on your eyeglasses when you enter a warm house in the winter, and causes everything to seem blurred. If all that the eye beholds is an image of mortal thought reflected on the retina, as Science and Health says, then the obvious conclusion is that our work is always to clear up our own mental vision.

Once a boy was injured by a train. A Scientist who was passing by picked him up to take him home. On the way the boy recovered, however, so that he was soon able to walk. When Mrs. Eddy heard about this case, she questioned the student, and asked him how he treated the boy. He said, “But, Mrs. Eddy, I did not treat the boy. I knew that I could not be mesmerized.” She replied, “That is all you ever have to do.”

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