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352 — WATCH lest you become discouraged in your effort to understand what Mrs. Eddy means by the truth about the lie. It was only her way of pointing out that, when you seem to have something wrong with you physically, before you can be healed scientifically, the problem must be seen to be wholly mental. The first lie declares that there can be a cause apart from God; the second lie asserts that there can be an effect apart from God which poses as cause, alias, intelligence in matter. In order for divine Mind to destroy an error, it must be presented in a form that is wholly mental, just as meat must be fed to a meat grinder with all the bones removed. The truth about the lie recognizes both the seeming cause and effect of disease as mental. When this is done, the supremacy of divine Mind dissipates the error, as readily as a soap bubble is broken, or a ship can be moved when its anchor is pulled up.

A drunken man believes that he is seeing pink elephants. The truth about the lie would correspond to the effort to show him that what he sees is but a phase of disordered imagination.

Another helpful interpretation of the truth about the lie, grows out of the statement Mrs. Eddy once gave her students, namely, “You are perfectly well and you know it and are not afraid.” The absolute truth that man was created perfect and always remains so, does us little or no good in our present need, unless we know it. Belief admits that the truth may be true, but that we cannot know it or manifest it; this is the lie that must be handled. When a Scientist is sick, he may declare that he knows the truth that Christian Science has taught him, but it is only the truth about the lie, since if he knew the truth about truth, he would be well. He may see the truth intellectually, but if he was conscious of knowing it, he would not be manifesting error. The truth is the declaration of the spiritual and eternal facts of God and man, and the demonstration is the recognition that that truth is yours and manifested in you. The truth about the truth is that harmony is the only reality, and you are well. The truth about the lie is simply the point at which you have not yet demonstrated the fact that you perceive. We start every demonstration by declaring that we are spiritual and perfect, and finish by knowing it. The first is the truth about the lie; the second, the truth about Truth.

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