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351 — WATCH that your devotion to Christian Science for what it can do for you, is gradually superseded by a love for it of itself, for what it really is, and for what it enables you to do for others. Once Mrs. Eddy wrote to a member of the Board of Directors, “Persevere, and if the fire burns low or appears to be getting extinguished, replenish it with faith and love. Never lose its light on the altar of Christian Science, and never cease to watch, work, pray.”

When your fire seems to burn low, — when your enthusiasm diminishes because the benefits from Science cease to thrill, or perhaps are delayed, — the ashes can be rekindled by claiming a love for Christian Science for its own sake — for what it is — the way of salvation for mankind, and by an effort to share its blessings with the needy world.

One never experiences the highest satisfaction in Science through a selfish application of its truth. Furthermore, any lack of love for Science is merely the effect of a false argument, and is never a fact. In reality it is our privilege to rejoice daily in the unfoldments which come to us from God, and in the opportunity each day offers to share these blessings with others.

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Love is the liberator.