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35 — WATCH lest, because of the general belief that all of man’s joy and happiness come through matter, the prospect of losing matter in all its desirable forms before you have established the continuous joy and satisfaction that comes from communion with divine Mind, cause you to neglect to work on the problem of turning away from it with any real sincerity and determination.

It helps to know that even from the human standpoint, the so-called pleasures that man fancies come from matter, really come from mortal mind and are largely anticipation. Man thinks he enjoys matter under the claim of mesmerism. Someone has wisely said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

When one has reunited himself to the eternal source of all happiness, which is divine Mind — from which he has never really been separated — how great will be the happiness that will flow into him, joy that is permanent, and that brings him perfect peace — a happiness that infinitely transcends the lower sense of pleasure he now fancies he gains through mortal mind calling itself matter! The problem of denying matter is always made easier when we realize that we are denying, not an external material world, but the mesmerism which causes the external world to seem to be material. Matter is not what you see, but the way you see it.

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