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345 — WATCH lest you believe that at times advanced students have lost their power to heal, when they do not bring out cases of disease that younger students are able to. There is a phenomenon which must be understood, that concerns the possibility of a young student in Science being able to effect a change to bodily harmo- ny, with one whom perhaps our Master could not have healed!

In order to understand this, one must admit that there is a guardian at the mental door of each mortal. At times this guardian will permit the entrance of a modicum of truth, if it is sufficiently humanized; whereas it would chemicalize and shut the door, if the truth was stronger.

The sense of truth possessed by a young student being so small in comparison with that embodied by our Master, might be admitted by the mental guardian of a sick man, whereas the intense light brought by one advanced in understanding would be barred out. Eyes unaccustomed to light are hurt by the sunlight, whereas they could endure the light of a candle.

As a student progresses in understanding, he finds that he is able to reach and heal more difficult cases, but not necessarily more people! Actually the number he can heal lessens. This watching point is necessary to prevent discouragement on the part of some advanced students, when they see the success of some young students. They must realize that much of the success of beginners is mind cure; whereas the hardness of heart, or inflexibility of the very patient the latter could reach, might unconsciously and automatically resist the entrance of the mighty spiritual thought our Master carried because it penetrated to the depths of sin.

Once the mother of one of Mrs. Eddy’s students was chemicalized and antagonized by the explanation of the spiritual nature of Christian Science that her son made to her; whereas a friend who knew little of the subject, was able to pass by the prejudice that guarded the entrance to her thought, with the simple statement, “You would make a wonderful healer.”

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