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342 — WATCH lest you be afraid of animal magnetism and its revenge on its destroyer, when the only danger is lest you be deceived by a lie. Once Mrs. Eddy told her students to declare, “There is no rebound of hatred after the baptism of Love. Error cannot turn and rend its destroyer.”

If you placed poison on a sleeping bug, it would first awaken to activity before it died. So when we seek to destroy hatred through the realization of divine Love, hatred is aroused to revenge. It would seem unjust that when a Scientist is seeking humbly to reflect divine Love, he should be met with such aggressive error in the form of hatred; but if the Master and our Leader did not complain, neither should we. In the copyrights in Washington covering Lyman Powell’s life of Mrs. Eddy, is a notation from Clara Shannon to the effect that while living in Lynn, when Mrs. Eddy went to Boston, she had to return home early, because she was followed by different men. “During the night the doorbell was rung many times by men who came one after the other, and the policemen in the street kept watch on the house.” It is obvious that the great love Mrs. Eddy reflected from God was interpreted by mortal mind to be fleshly and her home to be perhaps a house of ill fame. What did this indicate but hatred pursuing the spiritual idea? These men felt Mrs. Eddy’s love, and inter- preted it according to a human level. Think what a cross this was to our Leader! It was because of the spiritual love she reflected that she encountered the opposite hatred, and its revenge on its destroyer. Yet through such experiences she learned that she need never fear any error that she uncovered. She taught us to know that sin’s revenge can never harm us in any way. Its only effect is to force us to go higher.

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