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340 — WATCH lest you forget that what seems to be the error of discord in your branch church, may be the roughness God is providing, on which to scratch the match of spiritual illumination. All inharmony represents an opportunity for you to learn to use your demonstrating ability. A good definition of knowing in Christian Science is scientific reasoning put under pressure and still remaining scientific.

A church that runs too smoothly may not be demonstrating enough of God’s presence to challenge the powers of darkness, and so to chemicalize mortal mind. A match needs a rough surface on which to ignite. Sometimes members withdraw from membership because of discord. In that act they prove that they have no correct understanding of the divine purpose back of organization. Mrs. Eddy once asked a student how his branch church work was coming on. He replied that everything was running very smoothly. She replied, “That’s too bad. If you were making progress, things would not be so harmonious.”

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