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333 — WATCH lest you be “slap-happy.” This term is used to denote a fighter in the ring who is beaten and who does not know it. He is happy over an imaginary victory. We must watch lest animal magnetism gain a victory over us, and then delude us into believing that we have won, or are winning, — and so we rejoice.

Once a student believed that he was very wide-awake to the pernicious claims of Romanism, and gaining a victory over them. He used magnificent arguments to the effect that Roman Catholicism, through the mesmerism of a blind belief in Papal power, could not curse or bring to pass any evil on Christian Scientists; that the Pope at Rome had no power to curse Christian Science, that the ignorant belief of millions of mortals in the power of a Papal curse could not lend any power to such a curse, nor make it a thought force to destroy Christian Scientists.

This student felt that he was being victorious over the great enemy called Roman Catholicism, when in reality he was handled by it, since his arguments were couched in a way that proved that he believed that he was meeting a very dangerous bugbear, namely, the curse of Romanism.

The danger that confronts a student is never an enemy; it is always lest he be made to believe that he has an enemy, and to fear it. The result is that he fights it as a reality. Furthermore, arguments in Christian Science, no matter how learned and intricate they may be, are not strictly scientific unless they end with the realization of the utter nothingness of the lie, since God is infinite All.

Once we had a gas furnace installed. When the job was completed and the workmen left, we found that they had omitted the essential connection which would make it operate! Students often argue in an intelligent manner, all the while omitting the essential point, which is to impress thought with the absolute nothingness of the error they are meeting.

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