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331 — WATCH that you keep in mind and strive to understand the differentiation made by Mrs. Eddy on page 66 of Miscellaneous Writings, “Disease that is superinduced by sin is not healed like the more physical ailment.” One helpful definition of sin is the malice that would make a law that Christian Scientists cannot heal themselves of sickness or sin. How many students, when they fail to help themselves or others, turn around and handle sin as being the malicious deterrent that would claim to make such a law?

A horse that never attempted to jump over a fence, would be like a mortal who has never made any effort to save himself from mortality. One day the horse attempts to jump the fence and at once his owner puts hobbles on his legs. The moment a mortal seeks to throw off mortality, he comes up against sin, or the animal magnetism that would thwart his effort. This must be recognized and handled. If one is striving to accomplish the overthrow of some error, without recognizing that malicious malpractice has made a law that he cannot do it, he must recognize this fact and break this so-called law. Then he will find the way open to his accomplishment.

The wiles of animal magnetism, or sin, designed to impede the good work of students, must be uncovered. It is never power, but under mesmerism its arguments seem real. Mrs. Eddy once directed the students to take up the neutralizing argument three times a day if not more, “You cannot make me believe that I cannot heal, nor can you prevent me from healing.”

If our Leader used this argument, it shows that she recognized error’s erroneous suggestions and was alert to meet them. Once she detected an argument of error that was claiming that truth could not pass from one to another, so she said to error, “You cannot prevent Truth from reflecting itself from Eddy to Calvin, and from Calvin to Eddy.” At another time she affirmed emphatically that such arguments of false belief were only myths, and that those who tried to make such arguments real to her or the students, made them real only to themselves.

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