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330 — WATCH that you hold in mind the following relationship between God, our Leader and the Cause of Christian Science. The Cause may be considered as a body of which God is the Head, and Mrs. Eddy the heart, as she once said to Calvin Frye.

When Mrs. Eddy said, “Follow me only as I follow Christ,‛ she wanted us to believe she was wrong if God said she was wrong; but He never did. Pending the time when we would be able to go directly to God, she wanted us to listen to her as the voice of God, and to follow her without question.

If God is the Head, we should consider Him to be the source of all power and intelligence; if Mrs. Eddy was the heart, then her active demonstration was the application, circulation and execution of all that she received from God, — His healing and guiding power. Through this ceaseless and loving endeavor, strength was brought to the weary and health to the suffering sick. This love which she demonstrated continues to beat for all. Being God’s love, it can never die.

True loyalty includes loyalty to God, to our Leader and the Cause. History shows that whenever a student turned away from one of this triad, he ended by becoming faithless to the other two. Hence, if a student should declare that he was loyal to God, to Mrs. Eddy and her teachings, and yet denounce or criticize the organization for personal reasons of his own, it should be recognized that he is handled by error.

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