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328 — WATCH that you hold as your goal giving your patient an “embodiment” rather than a “staff” healing. This contrast is drawn from II Kings 4, where Elisha’s servant was told to place the latter’s staff upon the face of the dead son of the Shunammite woman, to no avail. Then Elisha threw himself on the boy and restored him. Had the servant learned the letter of truth from Elisha, without embodying it for himself? The fact that the servant used Elisha’s staff would indicate that he was leaning on Elisha’s demonstration.

Elisha’s throwing himself on the child, mouth to mouth, eye to eye, etc., calls to mind the way a fire is put out with a blanket. The blanket completely cuts off the supply of oxygen that enables it to keep burning. A blanket or “embodiment” treatment, therefore would appear to be one that did more than attempt to destroy the one error from which the patient is suffering. It must symbolize the effort to spiritualize the entire picture, by releasing the patient from the sense of matter, or the belief in a material mind.

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