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324 — WATCH lest you regard the act of healing the sick as a process of declaring something, rather than knowing or realizing something. It is true that Mrs. Eddy once said, “Declaration is demonstration. This is God’s law, not a human assertion;‛ but she referred to declaration as what one asserts from the depths of one’s conviction, and not to the practice of trying to heal by declaring the truth that one has learned, while one’s convictions re- main human and mortal. Some students argue statements of truth as if the statements had the power to heal the sick, regardless of what they themselves believe.

Once Mrs. Eddy declared, “The time will come and I feel it will be soon, when Christian Scientists will not have to make a conscious effort in giving treatment, for through the constant desire and endeavor for a Christian life, their consciousness will have become so purified, that healing will go forth from them as naturally as the perfume from flowers to those who are ready for it.”

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