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322 — WATCH that in correcting your belief that the wrong thinking of others about you has the power to make you sick, unless you protect yourself, you reverse this, and realize that it does you good and makes you better, causing you to draw nearer to God. Also you must know that the only concept others can have about you is the true one.

One might contend that the scientific way is to realize that the thinking of others is powerless to affect you and so it is; but the Bible indicates that the earth helped the woman. Hence, because we seem prone to fear that the thoughts of others have the power to harm us and make us sick, a step in the right direction is to know that the thinking of others does us only good, according to the law of reversal, that we are made better by it, and that everyone around us sees us only as God made us, pure, perfect and immortal.

On Oct. 3, 1906, Mrs. Eddy wrote to the Christian Science Board of Directors as follows: “Get Mr. Farlow to find out without letting it be known who it is that reports the lies about me. Then have the Committee on Business treat these mesmerized subjects to change their false sense of me to the true sense … They have lied about me all they can and believed these lies. What you can do is to destroy this lie in belief.” Why did not Mrs. Eddy merely instruct the Committee on Business to know that the false sense of her held in the thoughts of others had no power to affect her or anyone? No doubt this is what they did, but a step in the demonstration was to know that the only concept the individuals in question could hold of her was a true one. This realization would cause the wrath of man to praise Him.

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