Watching Point 32

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32 — WATCH lest, in your denial of the existence of matter, you accept the impression that you are denying something that exists externally to you. The term matter covers not what you see, but the way you see it. In denying matter you are really denying the way mortal mind sees the true heaven and earth, that already exist here and now in all their perfection. You will surely see this perfection the moment your dull eyes are opened — the moment you rise out of the mesmerism of mortal belief. A picture of great beauty may appear a daub to an unenlightened novice. Once the veil of ignorance is lifted, however, by study and practice, the beauty of the picture is appreciated.

God, as the great master Painter, created the universe in all its perfection. Mortals fail to see it only because of their standpoint of ignorance and materiality. All things appear to be blue to the one wearing blue glasses.

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