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318 — WATCH that you impersonalize all phases of error. A student might be punctilious in impersonalizing disease, while he personalized some other form of error, such as that manifested by those responsible for plunging the world into war, or by the Catholic hierarchy.

In peeling a banana you take off the outer coat, without harming the inside that is edible. We separate error from man, being careful at the same time not to hurt the oil and the wine, as the Bible says. Personal error is a belief or myth. It is malpractice to regard a person as error; yet this is what a student once indulged in without realizing it, when she got up and walked out of a restaurant, merely because a Catholic priest walked in. Had she impersonalized her belief in error, she would have seen the child of God in him.

When Mrs. Eddy declared that she loved the Catholics and Protestants, inasmuch as they loved God, she was not declaring that she loved error, but the real man, since it is this real man that always loves God — he cannot help doing so. Her deep love for man that penetrated beneath the material surface of things, put into operation the scientific process that heals man of mortality by separating between the error and the individual. In loving the Catholics, Mrs. Eddy was proving her fitness to handle scientifically the claim of Romanism. Surely if the Catholics are our enemies, to be hated by us, then the Episcopalians must be likewise, since Mrs. Eddy once wrote to Mr. McLellan that Catholicism and Episcopacy were one in spirit and in error. Our enemy in Science, however, is not a religious denomination; it is mortal mind and all that it includes.

Would you hate a friend if he became spotted with measles? No more should you hate a priest because he is spotted with Catholicism. Neither measles nor Catholicism ever become part of man. The Bible warns us to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. Should we not take this to mean that we must keep our sense of man unspotted from any mortal mind sense?

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