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317 — WATCH lest you become discouraged and feel that your work in sweeping the leaves off your sidewalk has availed nothing, because there is a fresh lot waiting for you the next morning. You are expected to continue your sweeping cheerfully, until the trees have shed all their leaves.

The evidence of your problem may appear to be the same day after day; but if you do your work faithfully each day, you have done what God requires of you and the error is handled. If the same evidence appears tomorrow, regard it as a fresh crop of fears, and not the old ones you handled yesterday. Then you will have the faith to work on without discouragement, until the tree of error is bare.

If you shot an enemy that approached your home, and the next day he appeared again, you would conclude that your aim was poor. Let us assume that this continues for one hundred days, until you have lost all faith in your gun, or your ability to aim it. Then one morning no enemy appears. You venture forth only to find one hundred dead men. Each shot reached its mark. Each day the enemy was a new one, but he dressed up in the clothes of the old one, in order to produce discouragement. The Master said, “He that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved.”

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