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314 — WATCH that, if God calls you to rebuke another, you always do it from the standpoint of love, as our Leader did. Once she rebuked the Board of Directors soundly; then in the same letter she wrote, “Be sure you do not lose your peace.” Had she been rebuking them from the standpoint of mortal mind, she would not have felt that her rebuke had accomplished its purpose, unless they had lost their peace.

From this incident we can see that Mrs. Eddy was really rebuking error and not man. She was exposing it for the Directors to see and to correct. At such a point they would need their peace in order to meet the error.

It requires as much Science to accept a rebuke rightly as it does to administer it. The correct way to regard our Leader’s rebukes was to know that it was God rebuking through her. One cannot rebuke scientifically unless he recognizes that error never belongs to man. His motive must be to enable the one rebuked to eject the error, just as a landlady ousts an unwelcome boarder. Error is never us; it is only a boarder that we permit to live with us. Mrs. Eddy once stated her rule of rebuking as follows:

“My rule is not to name the faults of others unnecessarily. When I am wronged I wait lest I answer back with a feeling of resentment, and truth expose falsehood in a wrong spirit. I have not returned evil for evil, but waited on God — not forsooth as patiently as I ought, but I waited and still wait.”

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