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313 — WATCH, in tracing from the material counterfeit back to reality, lest you neglect the step that lies between. One cannot cross from one mountain peak to another, without going down into the valley that lies between. If one peak stands for the counterfeit and one for reality, the valley may be called the opposite. For example, Life, harmony, health, and Love constitute reality. Their opposites are death, discord, sickness and hate. Their counterfeits are human or physical life, material harmony, bodily health and personal love.

One cannot trace from personal love to divine Love without exposing the fact that personal love as a counterfeit of divine Love is based on hate, the opposite of divine Love. The same argument holds good with every counterfeit with which we have to deal.

This watching point will prevent a student from believing that he can go from the counterfeit directly to the reality, without first analyzing the counterfeit in terms of its opposite. Read Miscellaneous Writings, page 351:20.

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