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310 — WATCH lest you regard error as something apart from your own belief in it — as an enemy against whom you must go out to battle. Once a student healed a boy who had been run into by a train. When Mrs. Eddy asked him how he treated the boy, he replied, “But Mother, I did not treat the boy at all; I just knew that I could not be mesmerized.” Mrs. Eddy said simply, “That is all you ever have to do.”

Once a student became so exercised over the activities of the Jews that she joined an anti-Jew movement. When she was taken to task by one of Mrs. Eddy’s students, she declared that she was not fighting the Jews personally, but the basic Jewish mentality. He pointed out that she was fighting something outside of herself, when the rule in Science is that our only fight is with our belief that there is something apart from us that we need to fight.

One who fights error as something apart from his belief in error is as one that beateth the air, or as the man in a delirium fighting pink elephants. Error is a lie about God’s creation, the mist that came up from the earth to cause man to look out upon a perfect universe from a material standpoint.

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